Taro Yamada
Student 1T
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation +10
Club None
Age  ??
Persona Loner
Crush Ayano Aishi
Additional Info None
Taro Yamada is a male student attending Akademi High.


Taro has messy gray hair and gray eyes. He wears Uniform 1.


Taro is a loner and he prefers being surrounded by nature than by other people. He has a crush on Ayano Aishi but he used to have a crush on Osana Najimi.


Taro was born on a warm summer day, on the same day as Osana Najimi. Him and Osana grew up together and Taro began to have a crush on her. They went to Akademi High together but they began to grow further apart. Taro began to have a crush on Ayano Aishi, and no longer had a crush on Osana.