Tamae has shoulder length maroon hair and light maroon eyes. She wears the default school uniform and knee high white socks.


Tamae has the Heroic persona.


7:05, Tamae will arrive at school with her school bag, ready for the new day.Then at 7:10, she will deposit a few items into her locker, as well as put on her indoor shoes.At 7:15, she will go upstairs to the Martial Arts Club.

At 8:00, she will take her seat in her classroom, next to Ryusei Koki, she starts her morning classes at 8:30, then goes down to the Martial Arts Club at 1:00PM.

She heads back to class at 1:35, and is scolded by the teacher, before finishing classes at 3:30PM.After that, she goes to the Martial Arts Club and stays there until the end of the day.


If Tamae sees a corpse, she will exclaim "Oh my God!" and run away, if she sees someone covered in blood, she will exclaim "So it was you!" and attack them.

If Tamae witnesses a murder, she will attack the murderer.

If she witnesses the murder of Chojo Tekina or any of the Martial Arts Club members, she will exclaim "You monster! Why would you do this?!" before attacking the murderer.


Close friends with Shima Shita

Friends with Mina Rai

Has a crush on Chojo Tekina

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