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Talab Eilm
Talab Eilm

Hamelin's Flutist


Male Male




Teacher's Pet

Personal Status

Light Music

Educated in

Akademi High School






Zei Taku

Lives in

Born in Doha, moved to Sisuta Town when he was 12.

Personal Status

His deceased parents
Aimra'a Eilm (younger sister)

Additional Info
Always looks forward to marrying Zei.
Was educated in a Qatari school called "Akadimiat High School (أكاديمية المدرسة الثانوية) before moving to Japan."
Always funds the school's events thanks to how rich his homeland is.

Talab Eilm (طالب علم) is Zei Taku's suitor and a student who attends Akademi High School.


Talab has brown hair. His eyes are always closed. He wears the default uniform unless customized. He will also come to school in different outfits and different appearances if you tell him what Zei is attracted to.


Talab is a Teacher's Pet. He will currently not react to a camera pointed at him, as there are no camera animations for males yet. If he witnesses murder, he will report it to his teacher.


  • His name literally means "student" in Arabic.
  • Talab can't speak English fluently, but he's currently learning the language.
  • Talab is a very talented flute player.


لقد حصلت على إخبار معلمك! (I've got to tell a teacher!)
— Talab upon either discovering a dead body or witnessing Yandere-chan attack another student.
رأيت شخص هجوم طالب! اعتقد انهم ميت! (I saw a student attack someone! I think they're dead!)
— Talab's dialogue (to Reina) if they witnessed the murder.
Oh my god! هذا لا يمكن أن يحدث! (Oh my god! This can't be happening!)
— Talab upon witnessing a murder.
Oh my god! غير أن جثة هامدة ؟! (Oh my god! Is that a dead body?!)
— Talab upon discovering a corpse.

رأيت الطلاب مع إصابات مروعة! اعتقد انهم ميت!(I saw a student with horrible injuries! I think they're dead!)

— Talab's dialogue (to Reina) if they stumble upon a corpse.
ولكن ... ولكن ... كان هنا ... وأنا أعلم رأيت ذلك ...( was right here...I know I saw it...)
— Talab after Reina is tricked into thinking they were pranked.
سنذهب إخفاء مكان ما! (Gotta go hide somewhere!)
— Talab's dialogue if another student has already left to alert a teacher.