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Takiari Kimika
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation -50
Club Newspaper Club
Age 17
Persona Teacher's Pet
Crush None
Additional Info He is secretly Info Kun]

Takiari Kimika is a student in Akademi High School, and an OC made by an avarage COCONUT who likes to make OCs.


He is a total Teacher's pet. He will tell everything to a teacher... That's why nobody likes him. But, what nobody knows is that he is secretly a school reported known by the name Info Kun. He spies on the students, and learns all their secrets, and then writes about it in the newspaper (much like Info Chan in the 1st intro).


He is pretty smart, and all teachers like him, but he has no friends.


He has black hair like Daku Atsu.



All teachers love him. He is their main source of information when a student is braking the rules.


If he didn't hang around with the teachers so much, the delinquents would have already killed him.

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