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Takeshi looks a lot like his older sister, but with freckles and blue eyes. His hairstyle may vary, but he tends to stick with keeping it swept to the side.


Takeshi is shy and nervous, especially around Yuna Hina, hinting that he may like her. He usually doesn't talk to anyone, the exception being the photography club members. When he does talk to people, it is about photography and anything related to the subject.


  • Like his sister, he was going to have pink hair, though he would dye it red to avoid being called girly.
  • He was originally going to wear glasses, but that's too common.


"W-wow..Thanks!" -When complimented

"Uhm...You're getting a bit too weird with the compliments..." -When complimented too much

"P-please don't hurt me! I won't tell, I s-swear!!" -When witnessing a murder

"Oh my god!! Is that blood?! I-i-is someone hurt?!" -When seeing a bloodstain

"Oh god..Oh god...I gotta hide!! Wait no! What if who does this comes back?! I don't know what to do!!!" -When seeing a corpse

"H-hey...You should put that away before someone I- I mean...Someone...Gets scared..." -When seeing someone holding a weapon

Kisekae Code


Takeshi getting nervous around Yuna-chan.

Alt hair

Unused hairstyles.

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