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Chojo tekina by muroachifungus-d9qh3qw
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Takeru has messy, fluffy dirty blond hair that reaches to roughly the back of his neck that doesn't care to keep neat. He has an ahoge at the top of his head that curls towards the end as well. His bangs nearly cover his left eye, but a pair of black rimmed glasses prevent them from doing so, acting as a barrier. His eyes are golden brown. He also has freckles on his face, having them on his cheeks and long his nose. His mouth is a bit deformed from FAS, his upper lip is extremely thin and there is no "dip" between his mouth and nose. His nose is affected by this as well since it is shorter than most people's. His teeth are also a bit crooked and has braces to correct this. He's very short for his age, standing at 5' and is underweight for this height, weighing 85 lbs.

Takeru wears the default male uniform—the black gakuran uniform—unless customised. Outside of school, he wears much more casual clothing; such as T-shirts, hoodies, jeans, sneakers, etc.


Takeru is quite calm and kind to newer people he meets. That is until someone gets on his nerves, which to be honest, is quite easy to do. He tends to be a bit of an ass to those people. However, he has a very hard time trusting people and it takes him quite a while to be able to trust someone due to past issues. He also tends to be a bit protective over those whom he cares deeply about, which can seem a bit creepy to most, but he doesn't really care much. To add, he generally doesn't really care much about anything, himself included, meaning that he does very little to take care of himself; but, he tends to care and worry about those who he is very close to much more than healthy. He also is highly stubborn, only ever fully listening to Akari and Kouta, especially the former.

Takeru's personality is Loner, meaning that he reacts to things such as murder by running away and calling the police. However, if you murder Akari and/or Kouta, he will attempt to apprehend you, despite not being strong at all whatsoever, as his strength is Very Weak.


Warning: There are mentions of things such as child abuse, alcoholism, self-harming and suicide attempts. Please refrain from reading the following content if you are uncomfortable with these things.

Takeru was born to a wealthier family with both of his parents having nicer jobs and both having come from wealthier families themselves, but, despite that, his life wasn't so great, a prime example of this being Takeru being an "accident' and his mother not wanting him, so she tried to have a miscarriage via drinking. This didn't kill Takeru in the womb, but it did give him plenty of fetal alcohol syndrome disorders; epilepsy, which caused seizures from the flickering of lights and stress, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, memory problems and being very small from birth.

From a young age, his mother wanted both him and his sister, Akari to be "perfect," meaning that both of their parents, specifically their mother were very strict on them, being very hard on them for their grades and various other things. When Takeru would do anything wrong, he would be yelled at, and even sometimes hit by his mother for it. He would also be compared to Akari, forgetting that Takeru has a lot of disabilities purposefully, believing that he can just "get over them" by being placed in advanced classes, which put large amounts of stress on Takeru, which where he started having seizures from stress. It wasn't only his home life that was bad, though; at school, Takeru was excluded from things and verbally bullied in elementary school for a multitude of reasons, his height, facial features and thinking that he was dumb based on his inability to write proper sentences, paragraphs, etc. and his inability to grasp most mathematical concepts being the main ones at the time.

However, when Takeru got into junior high, things got worse. He started being physically bullied that had gotten to the point where it was near daily that he was beaten up for similar reasons stated earlier, as well as being perceived as gay by his peers and his past history with seizures. His classmates even tried to purposefully give him a seizure once by blocking a door in a classroom and flickering the lights on and off with him in the room, which they succeeded in doing so, and the next day, said students were expelled. His mother slowly becoming an alcoholic didn't help matters either; her drunken fits became worse and worse as time went on, this also affecting Akari negatively. This made her hide in her room and have bad panic attacks, making Takeru more and more worried for his sister, this being the start of where he would neglect his own needs for his loved ones, this also causing seizures due to the stress of worrying about his sister due to her being an innocent victim to their mother's drunken fits. He also began to self-harm as a way to punish himself for being a bad child in his mother's eyes via cutting himself on his left forearm and inner thighs.

When Takeru was 13, he received a white chrysanthemum on his desk at school by another student, this more than highly upsetting Takeru. That night, he tried slitting his wrists, but Akari walked in on him by mistake while doing this. She helped him clean up while he tried to comfort her about this. Their parents ended up finding out about this. Takeru's father tried to be empathic and help him, but he still thought he was calling for attention, and his mother purely saw this as an act for attention and scolded him for it, definitely not helping him any.

At the end of junior high, Takeru mostly kept quiet about his feelings, both emotionally and how he started exploring his sexuality. He didn't dare to talk about either with either of his parents, especially his mother since he knew she wouldn't care about the former and freak out on him for the latter, due to being highly religious, meaning that she would literally try to "pray the gay away." In his last year of junior high, there was this one boy who was vastly kind to Takeru and had a bit of a crush. However, he was in a friend group that tormented him and he had only been nice to him and liked him as a prank made by the group to see if Takeru was actually gay, a huge thing the bullied Takeru for, despite it not being confirmed that he was gay at the time since he was questioning that himself. At the end of the year, the boy "confessed" his feeling to Takeru under a sakura tree, and since Takeru actually liked him, he accepted. The boy sprinted away a bit only so he wouldn't be in the area where they had dumped water on him. They shouted homophobic things to him, as well as quite explicitly stating that it indeed was a prank. Later that night, he tried committing suicide for a second time by overdosing on sleeping pills. Akari walked in on him again after he had taken the pills. He was hospitalised for a short period of time after this, and a similar thing happened to when he attempted suicide the first time, except for his father and mother now having the same reaction, the only difference was his mother's feelings being more intense and she was more explicit with what she thought, whereas his father wasn't so explicit. Their feelings were also justified due to Takeru not saying why he tried killing himself again due to knowing that his parents would not take him liking another guy well, so he kept quiet about this. He eventually did figure out his sexual/romantic orientation and came out to Akari, who had already came out to him as a lesbian, and she was perfectly fine with him as he was perfectly fine with her.



Akari Nanami ~Takeru and Akari have a strong bond, stronger than most sibling's bonds are. Their relationship could be seen more or so as a best friend one, as they can tell each other anything and neither of them will judge each other.



Kouta Akimoto ~Takeru and Kouta are fucking gay.


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  • He has severe myopia (nearsightedness).
  • He is an avid gamer, but he isn't in the Gaming Club since he prefers to be alone when he plays video games. Plus, he bets that he would get kicked out of the club due to how enraged he can get while playing certain games.
    • The club leader also majorly creeps Takeru out, another reason as to why he isn't in the Gaming Club.
  • He cusses quite a bit, especially when angered.
    • However, he tries his best to cuss less; especially around certain people, such as people he just met, people he has a positive relationship with, etc.
  • He used to have a near-obsessive fascination with Kate Upton.
  • He occasionally steals some of his mother's wine and drinks it in excess to the point where you could essentially call him a miniature Ozzy Osbourne because of how much he drinks when he does drink being quite ridiculous and how it's such a wonder that his liver hasn't given out on him yet.
  • Takeru's nickname "Snail" came from his mother as a way to make fun of him for his intelligence since he is slower at learning things. Others started calling him this due to his mother calling him it around other kids at school.
    • He at first used to care very much and almost overreact to being called this, but now it's just a slight annoyance to him.
    • The nickname actually came from joking around in chat one day and a user called Takeru a snail, which ended up sticking for roughly a year.
  • He owns an empty wine bottle that he named "Mr. Winebotle" when he was drunk.
    • He also owns a "Mr. Winebottle, Jr.", "Mr. Winebottle, Jr. Jr.", "Mr. Winebottle, Jr. Jr. Jr.", "Mr. Winebottle, Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr.", and, lastly, "Mr. Winebottle, Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr." from getting drunk on various other occasions.
  • He owns several fidget spinners, all of which he has to hide from his mother, since he does need fidget spinners to help focus, but his mother denies this and doesn't allow him to own them.
  • If Takeru were to have an official voice claim, it would be Lars from Steven Universe, albeit a bit softer.
  • Takeru unironically likes Fifty Shades of Grey since he thinks the movie has a good plot.
    • He hasn't read the books though because he cannot read at the reading level the books are at.