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Takeru has messy, fluffy dirty blond hair that reaches to roughly the back of his neck that doesn't care to keep neat. He has an ahoge at the top of his head as well. His bangs nearly cover his left eye, but a pair of black rimmed glasses prevent them from doing so, acting as a barrier. His eyes are golden brown. He also has freckles on his face, having them on his checks and long his nose. His teeth are also a bit crooked and has braces to correct this. He's a bit shorter than most his age, standing at 5'4" and he is a bit thinner than most, weighing 107.5 lbs.

Takeru wears the default male uniform --the black gakuran uniform-- unless customised. Outside of school, he wears much more casual clothing; such as T-shirts, hoodies, jeans, sneakers, etc.


Takeru is quite calm and kind to newer people he meets. That is until someone gets on his nerves, which to be honest, is quite easy to do. He tends to be a bit of an ass to those people. He also tends to be a bit protective over those whom he cares deeply about, which can seem a bit creepy to most, but he doesn't really care much. To add, he generally doesn't really care much about anything, himself included, meaning that he does very little to take care of himself.



Akari Nanami ~Takeru and Akari have a strong bond, stronger than most sibling's bonds are. Their relationship could be seen more or so as a best friend one, as they can tell each other anything and neither of them will judge each other. WIP


Yaozu Maki ~Yaozu and Takeru are friends. Yaozu likes to constantly tease Takeru about the "I swear to fuckhabit." quote Takeru once said.

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  • He has severe myopia (nearsightedness).
  • He is an avid gamer, but he isn't in the Gaming Club since he prefers to be alone when he plays video games. Plus, he bets that he would get kicked out of the club due to how enraged he can get while playing certain games.
  • He cusses quite a bit, especially when angered.
    • However, he tries his best to cuss less; especially around certain people, such as people he just met, people he has a positive relationship with, etc.
  • He used to have a near-obsessive fascination with Kate Upton.

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