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Chojo tekina by muroachifungus-d9qh3qw
Please ask VapoRub for permission before you use this OC and/or edit this page. Thank you!!


Takeru has messy dirty blond hair that reaches to roughly the back of his neck. He has an ahoge at the top of his head. His bangs nearly cover his left eye, but a pair of black rimmed glasses prevent them from doing so. His eyes are golden brown. His teeth are a bit crooked and has braces to correct this. He's a bit shorter than most his age, standing at 5'4" and is pudgier than most, weighing in at 150 lbs.

Takeru wears the default male uniform --the black gakuran uniform-- unless customised. Outside of school, he wears much more casual clothing; such as T-shirts, hoodies, jeans, sneakers, etc.


Takeru is quite calm and kind to newer people he meets. That is until someone gets on his nerves, which is quite easy to do. He tends to be a bit of an ass to those people. He also tends to be a bit protective over those whom he cares deeply about, which can seem a bit creepy to most, but he doesn't really care much.




Yaozu Maki ~Yaozu and Takeru are friends. Yaozu likes to constantly tease Takeru about the "I swear to fuckhabit" quote Takeru once said.

Ayana Sakurano ~Takeru deeply cares about his girlfriend, and she cares for him as well. He truly appreciates everything about her. He tries his best to be a good boyfriend to her and even borderline spoils her a bit. He truly wants the best for her and thinks she deserves the best.


  • He has severe myopia (nearsightedness).
  • He is a bit of a gamer.
  • He cusses quite a bit, especially when angered.
    • However, he tries his best to cuss less; especially around certain people.
  • He has a near-obsessive fascination with Kate Upton.
    • This fascination is dying out, however.

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