Takano Nami
Yandere Simulator OC - Takano Nami
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation Unknown
Club Cosplay
Age 18
Persona Social Butterfly
Crush None
Additional Info None

Takano Nami is an OC character created by the Wiki user Teddehbear and is a non-canon character unless a female student PNG file and name is modified in game internal files.

She is a student at Akademi High School.


Takano wears the default school uniform.

She has tan skin. Black hair, tied into a long ponytail with a green bow.She also has orange eyes and wears large black stockings.


Takano is calm and tries to focus her on best friends, classmates, relatives and especially her younger brother Daichi (Which is in 5th grade, not in the high school). She attemps to be as good as she can in class. At the same time, entertaining herself and others.

Takano is very easy to forgive in most moments; she is pretty friendly and social, though her relationships with the teachers isn't as good as others.


In-Game, Takano will mostly do her normal routine; Spawn on the gate, go to the locker, chat with other girls (She will chat with Pippi on tuesday, instead.), Go to class (wich is 3-1/Cyan) , go to lunch, go to class again, and exit the school despawing.

However, before exiting the school on Friday, she'll go to the 2nd floor bathroom, giving Yandere-Chan a chance to drown her in the toilet.

Like other students, Takano won't come back to school after she has been killed.

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