Taiku Tsuna
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation 0
Club None
Age 17
Persona Teacher's Pet
Crush none
Additional Info Just an averege guy... Nothing special about him at all... No really! He is not a... Stop asking questions about this "completely normal" character!!! Baka!

Taiku Tsuna is a normal student in Akademi High School, and an OC made by an avarage COCONUT who likes to make OCs.


He is just an averege, normal student. He acts normal, has normal friends... He is completely normal! There is no more meaning to him...


He is normal... Who is acting suspicious? I am acting suspicious?! No! He is j-just normal... heh-he...


He has normal black hair like Hayato Haruki.


  • He is normal
  • He is normal
  • He screamed after seeing Yandere Chan killing Osana, while Robot Chan was in text to speech mode, and his scream was written as a code for a very complicated game: Kuudere Simulator 3: The return of the "blink button"
  • He is not a demon

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