Tado Meka
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation 10
Club Sports Club
Age 17
Persona Hero
Crush Miki Arimeka
Additional Info Obsessed with sports, and extremely perverted

Tado Meka is a student in Akademi High School, and an OC made by an avarage COCONUT who likes to make OCs.


His mom is dead, and he has bad grades at school, making his father very depressed...


He is EXTREMELY perverted, and Yandere Chan can buy panty shots from him. He is obsessed with football. He is always joking and happy, but deep inside he is really depressed because of his grades at school and his mother's death.


He has black hair like Ryusei Koki and black eyes.


Kimi Zetsu

Kimi is friends with Tado and has a major crush on him. Tado thinks of her as a friend.

Miki Arimeka

Like everyone in the school, he has a crush on Miki.They used to be in a relationship, until Miki found out about Kimi Zetsu. Miki thinks that Tado and Kimi are together, but Tado has sworn his heart to Miki forever.

TadoMeka by TsunIsBack

Made by TsunIsBack

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