This page is for OCs of THELEGENDGIANTDAD that are worth mentioning, but are not developed enough for their own page. If they end up being developed enough, they may get a page for themselves.

Shishishi Shishishi

Shishishi Shishishi is a teacher at Akademi high. He will make his debut in the 'Crimes against humanity!' RP. He believes he is a vampire, and stuck at age 12 forever (Though he is actually 4X years old.)


  • His name means 'Death death death death death death'.

Haruko Kobayashi

Haruko Kobayashi is a teacher at Akademi high. She will make her debut in the 'Crimes against humanity!' RP. She is liked by most of the students in the school, and seen as very kind and caring.


  • Despite not being very promiscuous, many people have a crush on her.
    • They often think she is hitting on them, even if she just simply says "Hello" or "How's it going?"

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