Supana Churu is one of the female students that currently attends Akademi High School.


She has two big skull hair clips for her dark blue ponytails. Her ponytails fall down to her shoulders and her bangs are parted so that they are not in her face. Her left eye is purple, but the right eye is obscured by a bandage. She has mostly fair skin, but the upper half of her face has a bit of a shadow looming over. She has a bust size of 1. Totally not a copy and paste btw.


Supana doees not a fuck. She does not give a fuck. Therefore she has bad grades and all the teachers hate her. She didn't give two shits. Supana is a bitch and often threatnes to stab people with the sacrifical knife. She fucks all the boys in the occult club.


Teachers: Hates them all. Wants to kill them.

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