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Sukoshi Yujin
Sukoshi Yujin
Biological Gender

Female Female


She She


Heterosexual Heterosexual

Personal Status


Educated in

Akademi High






Juku Ren

Sukoshi Yujin is an OC created by Telts23.


Sukoshi is one of the brightest students in her class. She doesn't believe in paranormal creatures or anything like that, which caused a clash between her and Oka Ruto. Neither of them care about that argument too much though, and prefer to just get on with their lives.

Sukoshi has a crush on her classmate Juku Ren. Sukoshi, however, is smart enough to avoid sending any clues to Juku and is just friends with him at the moment. Sukoshi has always wanted to confess to Juku, but she has low self-esteem and doesn't think Juku would accept her feelings.

Sukoshi is a Hero. She fights back Strong, because she went to karate lessons when she was younger. She never wants someone bad to get away.

She once saved the life of her best friend, Sabishi Desu. She saw how Sabishi was writing her suicide note and removing her shoes. Sukoshi talked her out of it and they became best friends.


She enters the school grounds at 7:05. She reaches her locker at 7:10 and lingers there for five minutes. She then goes to the plaza, sits on a bench next to Sabishi and starts reading a book. She walks to Classroom 1-2 at 8:00. She goes back to the plaza and starts reading her book at 1:00, At 1:30, she walks back to class. At 3:30, she goes to her locker and lingers there until 3:50. She then walks home.



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