He is the fanon son of Amai Mafin.


He has light brown hair that is shoulder length, and slightly unkempt. He has mint green eyes, and wears a Dark blue headdress. As he is an RP character, This part is 100% fanon: He wears a red armband of leadership with a cake sign on it


Akita Mafin

His twin sister. They are not identical. But do look almost so. They love eachother and care for eachother's wellbeing. They are both, however, not in any position to break up another's relationship (lover, best friend, friend, ect). They share the cooking club leadership role in he year 2040


He is easily identify able as a "Deredere" and "Energetic". He cares deeply for others and wants nothing but the best for them, especially his sister!


  • his name has no meaning, but Mafin means 'muffin'
  • he was created for an RP
  • He was designed to appear as innocent as possible, and likewise with his sister

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