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I made this story on, so I decided to put it on this wiki! <---- Here's the actual story, but I just write it all down here! Here's the description:

Ayano Koibito, known as Yandere-chan is, as in the name, a yandere girl - one who will go to any lengths, even murder, for her love. She stalks her beloved Senpai all the time and does anything to eliminate any girl who even just says hi to him. Will Senpai find out about her obsessive love? If he does...will Yandere-chan SNAP?

No hating or dissing or I will take down the entire story on Quotev and on this wiki. Okay? Do you really want my story to have that fate? Just no hating! Let's go!

(P.S. If I type something with { } I am pausing the story and giving you a message or telling you something. Got that?)


I can't feel anything. For as long as I can remember, I've never been able to feel emotions. I pretend to be normal when I'm around other people, but on the inside, I feel nothing. It's not as bad as it may sound. I know that I'm broken, but I don't care. This is normal for me. But everything changed when I met Senpai.

For the first time, I felt something. A strong desire. A longing. A yearning. A craving. Now I finally understand what it means to be human. To be alive. I'm addicted to the way he makes me feel. I don't care about anything else. He is everything to me. And now, someone is trying to take him from me.

She wants him, but not in the same way that I want him. She could never appreciate him the way I do. She doesn't deserve him. He belongs to me alone. She has taught me a new emotion...Rage. I want to stop her. I want to hurt her. I want to kill her.

There is nothing I won't do for Senpai. I won't let anyone come between us. I don't care what I have to do. I don't care who I have to hurt. I don't care whose blood I have to spill. I won't let anyone take him from me. Nothing else matters. No one else matters.

Senpai will be...mine...

He DOESN'T have a choice.


Yandere-chan looked at her smartphone, checking. Full bars. The time was 7:15 AM. First day of school; fresh start.

Suddenly, a message flashed up. From Unknown.


Who is this person? Who starts their freaking text message conversation with Hey?! thought Yandere-chan. But it got my attention, so I must ask this person who they are.

Do I know you?

To be continued I got lazy. If you want to see the full story, go to