Steviy (Not to be confused with Stevie Mills) is a habitable planet an unspecified distance from Earth (Though, on the MTT-Express, at full speed, it would take 50 years to travel to it.) It is ruled by Stevie Mills.

Life forms

Before humans arrived on Steviy, it was essentially just a large, lifeless rock. Once Stevie began terraforming it, he chose to give Steviy bright yellow glittery grass and blue trees with purple leaves.

Certain animal life forms also immediately evolved, all of which were named by Stevie.

  • Stevei - A chicken-like creature. If ever looked at directly, it will scream and explode. The eggs it lays are highly valued (Even though they taste like shit), as Steveis are hard to farm.
  • Stevey - A mosquito-like creature. Instead of sucking blood, they feed off of the reactions to their racist remarks. They are used in the production of MTT-brand tooth polish.
  • Stevee - A cat-like creature with wings. It doesn't have any way to communicate other than by throwing up small steel pellets.
  • Steyvey - A sort of fish. 70% of the time they just die for no apparent reason. Dead Steyveys are often seen floating in a thick layer at Steviy's oceans.
  • Stevy - A cow like creature. It does not need to eat or sleep very often, and just stands around in fields all day screaming "SMEEF"

Certain plant life forms also evolved immediately, also all named by Stevie.

  • Stevi - A tree. It's fruit has an edible 'pit' in the center. The pit has a sort of meaty texture, yet tastes sour. the skin of a Stevi fruit is full of Vitamin S (Vitamin Stevie), a vitamin that induces hair loss. The rest of the fruit has a texture like plastic, and tastes like Coca Cola.
  • Steyvi - A flower. It's fruit has no seeds and no skin. It is simply like a peeled grape. It tastes like chicken pot pie.
  • Steveey - A tree. It produces nuts. These nuts are in the shape of a cube, and taste like licorice.
  • Stevii Grass - The type of yellow glittery grass that Stevie created for the planet. The glitter it produces sticks to clothes, and generally gets everywhere. Because of this, Stevii Grass is considered by many to be a weed, despite being the only grass on the planet.

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