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Steven's theme:


Steven, also known as Steve(What his friends call him)  has dyed black shoulder-length hair with bangs that cover his right eye. Steven also has some visible blush on his cheek. Steven has a scar on his right eye. Steven wears the default male uniform unless customized. Steven's skin tone is slightly lighter than normal male students. Steven's eyes are brown. Steven is naturally a brunette until he dyed his hair at age 16. Some mistaken Steven's actual gender to be female(Only when he's not wearing his uniform) because of his shoulder-length hair. Steven also wears piercings on his left, below his lower lip. When Steven in is the Light Music Club he would wear a blue blazer.


Steven looks the same except he would wear the 2nd Year male uniform.


Steven is a really childish person who loves playing with toys(Don't get any dirty thoughts please..hehehe...) and musical instruments(mainly a guitar). He is usually seen with a cheerful and optimistic smile on his face everyday. Steven is a jokester(unlike Brittney Witherfield, he doesn't purposely try to annoy others) and he loves to make others happy. Steven is usually open however very wimpy, as he's not a fan of gore and scary topics. Steven is also very kind and generous to all students, with the exception of murderers, as he tends to be more aggressive. Unlike his friends, Steven is extroverted and he loves to make new friends. However, if someone brings up something about his mother or what's under his bangs he will become tense and try to avoid speaking about it. Whenever someone flirts with Steven he will become bashful but he will still try to act normal towards the person. Whenever Steven flirts with, Chiyo(or even Zack on some days), he will be more assertive and romantic. Steven also prefers to keep things simple as he doesn't handle stress very well.

Reaction to Suspicious Actions

Steven's strength is strong

Steven's actions will depend on the atmosphere.

Panty Shots- Steven will tell you to stop and look at you in disgust.

Bloody Clothing- Steven will become curious and ask you about it. If there was a murder he will become suspicious and avoid you.

Suspicious Weapons- Ask you to put it away.(High atmosphere with no murders) Med-Low(Gossip about you)

Evil Laughing- Avoid you, and gossip about you

Medium or Low Sanity- Avoid you and gossip about you.

Blood on Ground- Become paranoid,(his sight and hearing of suspicious actions will increase)

 Reaction to Murder

Steven will react upon the Social Pet persona no matter who you kill(excluding friends and crush).

Acquaintances- Social Pet Reaction(Tell teacher then run to friends)

Friends or/and Crush- Heroic reaction

Enemies- Social Pet Reaction

Reaction to getting pointed at by a camera

Steven will always pose like a social butterfly.


  1. Go to school and change shoes
  2. Chat with friends
  3. Head to class 2-2 and stay until lunch
  4. Chat with friends or practice guitar
  5. Head to class 2-2 until school is over
  6. Participate in club activity
  7. Change shoes and head home


Chiyo Casella-  His crush, he's aware that she's a tsundere and he will constantly tease her by flirting with her. He doesn't care if he gets slapped or punched by her as he knows that she doesn't hate him, because she still continues to talk to him like a normal person. If Chiyo is murdered he will become depressed but he wont kill himself unless he gets bullied and he loses his friends. If he witnesses the player murdering her he will attempt to apprehend you.

Zack Witherfield- One of his friends. Because he's one of Steven's first friends and because Steven is bisexual, Steven will sometimes gain a crush on him, however it's only small and it's short. Steven will try to apprehend the player if he's murdered..

Odessa Casella- He's friends with her, however Steven sometimes irritates her from playing loud music when she's playing video games. He will try to apprehend the player if she's murdered.

Haru Akito- One of his friends

Yandere-chan- He tries to talk to her but he can't get her attention. He is unaware of her true nature.

Steven's Mother- It's unknown why, but Steven shows a upset emotion when someone brings her up. She might have something to do his his scar on his right eye.

Kamiko Takakawa- They chat online sometimes but they don't communicate face to face because of Kamiko's shyness.

Jun Tatsuzo- He's friends with her, they're also classmates


  • Steven has asthma
  • If Zack had a crush on him and if Zack confessed his feelings, Steven might accept it despite that his main crush is Chiyo. The only thing that might cause Steven to reject his feelings is if Zack and Steven aren't friends anymore.
  • Steven's native language is French. He can understand English very well but sometimes he might slip up when he's speaking to other students in English.
  • Storm was an old nickname he received by other students when he was depressed.
  • During Steven's creation, Steven was originally going to be Chiyo's relative and he was originally going to have a white strand in his hair. This was obviously changed because his surname is BLACKWIND and Chiyo's is Casella(formally Akiyama)..
  • Steve's real name used to be Storm until March 13th where Kamiko changed his name to Steven.
  • He's Kamiko's first male OC.
  • Steven is the first bisexual character that's by Kamiko
  • During Steven's creation, Steven's gender was originally going to be female.
  • Steven is the first OC to be depressive/suicidal(Well he used to, until I changed his personality), not just that, he's also the first OC to have a "scene" appearence.
  • Before Steven was fully developed he was fully happy. That is because his backstory wasn't developed yet. Later he was more depressed. Now he has his old personality but in his past years he used to be depressed.
  • Steven used to be a 3rd year, however this was changed, the same thing happend to Chiyo Casella. This is going to happen to Odessa Casella and Zack Witherfield.


Outdated Gallery

For older pictures of him and/or others.

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