SquigTheDereDere's Headcannons For Yandere Simulator

these are really random. they are also opinions pls don't rant at me below


  • Midori really likes Mai and sometimes stalks her, but not like a Yandere.
  • Budo is really gayyy
  • Saki really likes Kokona but she knows that Kokona likes Senpai, so she tries hard to fight her feelings but she can't
  • Osana is really insicure about what Senpai thinks about other girls so she buys panty shots and sends them to Senpai, demanding his opinion on them.
  • Senpai is bi.
  • Saki is gayy
  • Yui and Yuna are dating
  • Yandere-Chan is demisexual
  • Oka is also really gayy
  • Supa is also really gayy
  • Oka and Supa are dating
  • Musume is pan
  • Yui and Info-Chan are sisters


  • Kokona tries to be nice but comes off as a bitch
  • Musume is just a bitch.
  • Mei and Mai get mixed up a lot.
  • Midori is actually kind of smart but her questions hold her back.
  • Senpai is the kind of guy to throw a party and invite his aunt, uncle, parents, and grandparents. And young cousins.
  • Senpai is also the kind of guy to think you sent nudes by accident so he just deletes them. (GloomGames ftw)
  • Senpai is a rich boi
  • Oka is a fifthly MEMER
  • Oka actually created Nyan Neko Sugar Girls
  • Shin likes to help Oka MEME
  • Midori is actually dat boi
  • Senpai eats all his veggies.
  • Yui gets anGRY AT HER VEGGIES
  • Budo is a very nice cinnamon bun don't harm him


  • The gym teacher is friends with Budo for some reason
  • Kokona has been on a date with at least one of the teachers.
  • idk what else lol


  • Saki and Kokona are best friends
  • Senpai and Budo are bros.
  • Yuna and Yui are best friends
  • Midori and Mai are best friends.
  • Yandere-Chan doesn't NEED friends.
  • Yui hates Senpai with a passion
  • Saki hates Senpai
  • Musume doesn't like anyone who hangs out on the rooftop as she thinks they're all losers.
  • The Basu sisters only have eachother as friends.


  • Kokona wants to be in drama club really bad but all her friends are in cooking so she stays there.
  • Budo and Senpai sometimes go to the cooking club in their spare time.
  • Musume is the leader or vice leader of the drama club
  • Budo and Senpai also sometimes go to the knitting club

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