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Sota Yuki wears the default male uniform but unbuttoned, showing a white shirt unless otherwise customized by the player.

He has messy mustard yellow colored hair with his bangs swept to the left and matching mustard yellow eyes. He also has freckles.

Sota is the shortest out of his friends and he's the thinnest out of them. He barely has abs, something that annoys him.

While not at school, he wears:

  • During Summer/Spring: A yellow tank top with a :) in the middle, tight jeans and yellow Converse All Star;
  • During Winter/Fall: A yellow sweater, baggy jeans, grey sneakers and a white jacket with a hoodie;
  • At Home: Same as Summer/Spring;
  • Sleep: A chicken onesie and bunny slippers;


He has the Social Butterfly persona. (Teacher's Pet in canon). If Sota sees Ayano Aishi murdering any other student, he will run to the nearest crowd and call the police.

He's an energetic, outgoing, very happy-go-lucky and very clumsy.


Canon Characters

Yuna Hina: His classmate.

Haruto Yuto: His best friend, always texting and talking to each other.


Other OCs

My OCs

Ricci Ryoko: He has a crush on her and accepts her insults. Since he has a crush on her, if the player kills Ricci in front of him, he will attack the player with much more force than he's usually capable of.

Aiko Kaneko: Classmates, he respects her a lot and get along well.


Opinion Topics
Likes Music, Art, Photography, Gardening, Video Games, School, Gossip, Anime, Cosplay, Cats, Memes, Friends
Neutral Cooking, Theatre, Martial Arts, Science, Sports, Nature, Family, Money
Dislikes Occult, Reading, Solitude, Violence


  • He likes peace, love, sweets and texting Haruto.
  • His voice cracks a lot.

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