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Sora has messy cyan hair that he keeps pushed out of his right eye. His eyes are cyan as well. He is quite tall and a bit thin, standing at 5'10" and weighing 132.5 lbs.

At school, Sora wears the default male uniform. Outside of school, he enjoys wearing T-shirts with cardigans, sweaters, jeans and sneakers, basically in a very casual manner. His clothing tends to be in a cyan, blue, black and the occasional green colour scheme.


Sora comes off a very shy person, but, in actuality, social interaction causes him quite a bit of anxiety, so he typically prefers to just write alone rather than interact with most people.

Sora's persona is Coward, meaning that he reacts to suspicious things and murder by begging to spare his life.


  • Sora changed his hair not because he was sick of being called "emo", but because he was sick of two other things.
    • He noticed that having hair over an eye became a trend, and changed his hair to be different.
  • He speaks with a stutter.