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Sora Sosuke wears the default male uniform, unless otherwise customized by the player with a cyan scarf.

Sora has cyan colored hair that is mostly pushed to the sides, with three pieces of hair on his forehead and matching eyes.

He is the tallest out of his friends and possibly the most muscular. Like the majority, he has abs but he doesn't like to reveal them.


He has the Coward persona (Teacher's Pet in canon). If Sora sees Ayano Aishi murdering any other student, he will promise to keep quiet as long as the murderer spares him, however, he will be completely terrified of a Yandere.

He's very shy, sensitive, innocent, sweet and very popular towards the girls however he's really awkward towards them.


Canon Characters

Saki Miyu: Also his classmate and close friend. She's the only one besides Hayato Haruki and Riku Soma who knows about his crush on Kokona. He used to have a crush on her.

Yandere-chan: When Sora witnesses a murder caused by her, he will promise to keep quiet as long as the murderer spares him, however, he will be completely terrified of her.

Hayato Haruki: His best friend. He trusts on him to not tell any secret about his life.

Kokona Haruka: He has a crush on her but due to her bullying, he left the Drama Club to the Cooking Club but he stills likes her. He is her suitor on Baedere's Fanon. Since he has a crush on her, if the player kills Kokona in front of him, he will attack the player with much more force than he's usually capable of.


Other OCs

My OCs

Retsu Yuto: One of his best friends.

Miko Agashi: Classmates. She has a crush on him.


  • He passed through depression when his parents divorced. When he was passing though depression, he turned into an emo for a while. He hated when people called him an emo.
  • He is the kindest out of his friends.
  • Unlike Haruto, he doesn't cuss at all.
  • He forgives anyone very easily.
  • Although Sora is shy, he has a muscular look and he is the tallest out of his friends.
  • Weirdly, Sora doesn't have stage fright, although he's shy.
  • Sora's biggest fear is losing his virginity.
  • He never had his first kiss.
  • Sora seems to always go to the latest trends in everything, including fashion. He's also the effeminate one.
    • However, he doesn't crossdress.
  • His birthday (June 7th) came from Hatsune Mikuo (genderswapped version of Miku).
  • He doesn't have sexual attraction, only romantic attraction.

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