Sonikku za Hejjihoggu


he wus awsum su heh becume sanik!!!! he got to skip schols to japin

age: 10

persona: awesome

catchphrase: gotta go fast

crush: no one


when he was six he went to midle schol. he becume the smrst student evr. he got to go to high schol at age 9 in japin! he ran fastr then everiune. sanik died su heh becume sanik he was skiny and awsume he got kiked but len so he kild len so hard. he becume mvp now


sanik cool people hot boobys awsume girls pornos of hedgehogs runing kilin men people bein awusme stil mlg


amy not hot girls not big boobys not watching hedgehog pornos every 420 hours not bein mlg not awsume girls not kilin men people stil

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