Slushy is Young Little Unicorn's first OC. She has the persona of a coward.


Slushy doesn't have an official appearance as of now. What is known now is that she has a similar uniform as Yandere-chan and the rest of her classmates.


Slushy is a coward and tends to avoid being the center of attention. When the camera is in front of her, she will suddenly covers her face or duck.

She tends to be afraid of almost everything and rarely goes to events, mostly because of her timidity or shyness. Despite being a coward, she shows traits of also being a loner, who prefers to be alone most of the time. Though, even if she's gentle, she can get out-of-character and stalks other characters and sadistically laughs at other people's deaths. She will also celebrate her survival, though this rarely happens, though when it does, it often gets awkward. Most of the time, she's seen idling in the background, behind other students and nervously hiding.

Her friends tend to be the people that she stalk or the people she seems to tolerate to often stay around with (this is pretty ironic because she's almost never around people). After Xavier has helped her overcome her fears, she currently has the Kind persona. Though if she appears in other fanons, she will retain her cowardice. Her level of sanity lowers the more scarier things can be.



They never had a proper interaction. The only interaction was when Slushy was excited to hear that there's a limo instead of a boat to get to the cruise, despite her aquaphobia.


One of Slushy's closest friends. Out of every student that were invited on the cruise, Xavier was the only one to be this close to Slushy. Unfortunately, she currently finds Xavier more of a guardian, more than a friend and often feels safe around him. Xavier helped her overcoming her fears.


Emily and Slushy's interactions together are fairly neutral. They only interact, when Emily asked if someone wants to be her roommate (despite the fact, that Slushy is a coward). Overall, they both are indifferent of each other but have no negative affect on each other.


Slushy merely or slightly dislikes Kana. Their slight conflict came from the time Kana mentioned 'Titanic-related things' which increased Slushy's level of anxiety and fear of water (also the result of her being paralyzed for 15 minutes).

Fears and Phobias

Fears Yet to be Revealed

  • Other people - Athropophobia
  • Darkness - Achluophobia
  • Pain - Agliophobia
  • Heights - Acrophobia
  • Spiders - Arachnephobia
  • Flying - Aviatophobia
  • Being alone - Autophobia
  • Fainting or weaknesses - Asthenophobia
  • Fire - Arsonphobia
  • Riding a car - Amaxophobia
  • Pointed objects - Aichmophobia
  • Amnesia - Amnesiphobia
  • Chickens - Alektorophobia
  • Cats - Ailurophobia
  • … etc.

Fears Displayed

  • Dying - Thanatophobia
  • Water - Aquaphobia
  • Car accidents - PTSD


  • She became emotionless in the most recent times she's seen.
  • It's hard to spot her, because she's always hiding.
  • She chuckles when nervous or anxious about something.
  • Credit to Xenpai for her profile image.

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