Sky Streak is a not so delinquent student that goes to Akedemi HighSchool.

WIP!Credit to Antoninko for the Kisekae Image

Pistachio's GPS of Ocs
Female Ocs- Rouia Kohler Ene Sachi Kyouko Miyako Gale Belle Ato Shina Naomi Miyuzaki Sky Streak Annie Cashe Hitomi Soma Tōsaku Chairudo

Male Ocs- Roy Kisaragi Adults-

Shared Ocs- Sho Tsumiki Pisutachio Satsujin Shirou Ayaru

Joke Ocs- The Desert Fudge's Alex Fitzgerald OSWALLD Tord HulaDancer Moonway Da Black FRESH AVACADO

????- PistaPista Production

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