Shouko Kanazawa
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation +5
Club Drama
Age 16
Persona Unknown
Crush None
Additional Info None

Shouko Kanazawa (金沢翔子 Kanazawa Shouko) is a fan character made by Sevastap for the game Yandere Simulator. She is in Classroom 1-1.


Shouko has long pastel purple hair that reaches her waist and blue eyes. She will wear the default uniform chosen by the player at all times.


Shouko is an honest, hardworking young lady and always has been. However, as soon as she started high school, she began to play up the whole 'primadonna' aspect of her personality a lot more as a means of differentiating herself. Were it not for her excellent acting skills, she would likely be ignored by her fellow classmates.


Junji Hashiuchi:

  • Her ex-boyfriend. They dated in junior high after she confessed her feelings to him, but broke up just a few weeks later after Junji admitted that he only saw her as a friend and didn't want to let her down. They're still friends, but Shouko still clearly has feelings for him and is awfully possessive.

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