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Shota Shounen
General Information
Race Human
Sex Male
Pronouns He/Him
Age 16
Sexuality Gay
Scholar Information
Persona Coward
Reputation (-)10
Club No Club
Crush Senpai

Aiden Jones

Status Alive

Shota Boy is an OC made by Third-Impact-is-Coming.


To many, Shota Shounen is extremely cute. He looks very young for his age, despite being 16. He has large blue eyes and fluffy blonde hair that looks extremely pettable by large hands. A large blush covers his face when anyone is near him.

When in the Underwear Club, he will wear a pretty pink pantsu with little duckies on it.


Shota Shounen is extremely childish and innocent as well. He cries all the time and runs for the nearest man for comfort. He is constantly bullied, which makes him cry even more. Shota is pretty clumsy and ditzy, so he constantly needs help with basic activities.

He is very gullible and trusting, so he can easily fall into someone's (yaoi) hands. Shota feels very safe when in someone's arms.

If the player murders anyone in front of him, Shota Shounen will either run to Senpai or the nearest male student for help.


Shota always arrives early to school around 6:50 to talk with teachers. When Senpai arrives onto the campus, he will follow Senpai. After school is over, he will go to the Underwear Club to participate in Club Activities until 6:00 PM.


Shota's task is to ask the player's opinion on what he will look cute in. It will be a small dress up game where the player can place hats, different eyewear, different shoes, and different outfits on the student. Any choice will please Shota and he will be the player's friend.

Outfits: A red dress, a black corset, a sailor outfit, a white shirt that says "Shota Boy (TM)", a mummy outfit, a bunny outfit, a teddy bear suit, and pink panties.

Shoes: High heels, sneakers, leggings with the word "yaoi" covering it, or barefoot.

Hats: A Derby hat, a Easter hat, none, a sailor cap, a duck hat, red ribbons, or a baseball cap that says, "I <3 yaoi".

Accessories: A purse that says "I <3 yaoi", a duck floatie, heart bracelets, none, a wrapped present, and Mountain Dew and Doritos.

Eyewear: None, shades, 3-D glasses, MLG pixelated shades, glasses that says "I <3 yaoi", or thin frames.



If Senpai is customized to be a boy, then Shota will be a rival. He will be similar to Senpai's Sister, except that he can enter the Men's Restroom and Boys' Shower Room with Senpai.

The Nurse

Shota Shounen is frequently ill from flus and colds. He thinks she is very nice while she thinks he is pathetic.

Yaoi Man

Shota Shounen can be matchmaked with another upperclassman. The pointer the chin and larger the hands of the student is, the more likely they will be together. He can be matchmaked with Otoko Oniku with ease.

Aiden Jones

Main Article: Aiden Jones

Shota finds Aiden very cute, Aiden is good friends with Shota, since Shota spends so much time with him, this has caused him to gain a crush on Aiden.


  • This student is a reference to the term "Shota Boy", a young uke typically found in Yaoi. He is not a reference to any specific Shota character anywhere (Ex: Pico), but his appearance is based off of Yukiya Ayase from Okane Ga Nai.
  • Shota was implemented in Yandere Simulator 2D in the 0.2.3 Build.
  • His favorite foods are ice cream, milk, and yogurt. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • This is the third OC made by TIIC. This is TIIC's main OC to use.


Oh, hello Ayano!
— Shota when spoken to.
— Shota when complimented
Uwah! Thank you so much! I looooook sooooo cuuuttteeee!!!
— Shota when his task is completed.
Mmmm~ You're so good at cooking Ayano! I just looovvveeee hotdogs! The big ones are my favorite, so I always put as many as I can in my mouth!
— Shota when given a hotdog.
*Gasping sounds* Help me! Help! Sennnnpaaaiiiiii!!!!
— Shota when witnessing homicide
— Shota when the player has low sanity.
Uwah! P-please don't hurt me!
— Shota when spotting the player with a weapon.


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