This OC belongs to PISTACHIOLORD and Cyrax Boiiii . Please ask one of them for permission before using!!


Conan wears the normal male uniform, and has deep red hair, which is shaved on the sides. He has dark brown eyes and freckles, and always seems to be blushing.

When he was female,he had long red hair which was always in braids


Conan is a shy, dorky guy, who often tries to make friends. He gets kind of uncomfortable when talking about himself, and often chances the subject when that happens. He's an over all dork with a big heart.

Conan is a teachers pet. When he witnesses a murder,he will go straight to his favorite teacher and tell her.


When Conan was 14 He started noticing that he liked things that most girls didn't. It took ages for him to get the guts to tell his parents. When he did they surprisingly weren't angry! That month, he shaved the side of his head and had a surgery to remove his titties.They were itty bitty anyways.

Kisekae codes

By Cyrax Bollll :


By Antoninko :



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