Shoo has short, dark brown hair that is gelled up. His eyes are a slightly lighter shade of brown. He is slightly tall, standing at 5'9" and he is a bit muscular, weighing 150 lbs.

At school, he wears the default male uniform and his Martial Arts Club headband. Outside of school, he wears a lot of sweaters with jeans.


Shoo is very happy, bright and outgoing. He is also very chatty and could go on for hours. However, he can never seem to keep a consistent topic. He, however, is a bit creepy at times, as he does occasionally stalk Sora because of his massive crush on him but being too scared to confess to him.

Shoo reacts to bloody clothing, weapons, murders, etc. as any person with the Heroic persona would; by getting into a fight with the person and trying to apprehend them.


  • He copied whatever Sora did for because he wanted to be like him.
    • He changed his hair from his second haircut to his current one due to learning that he is his own person, and should stop copying Sora.
    • He also changed his hair from his second haircut to his third because he thought he might be freaking out Sora.
  • He sometimes refers to Sora as "Sorapai".