The town next to Buraza Town.

Teaching Facilities

Gakko Elementary


Gakko Middle School


Gakko High School


Living Quarters

Masuyo Kouki's House

Masuyo lives in a very small apartment near the border of Shisuta Town and Buraza Town. It's a small apartment with tan walls and floors, two bedrooms, two bath rooms and a very very small kitchen. She only stays there to play on her computer and study, maybe sleep.

Info-kun's House

Info-kun lives in a small house near the edge of Shisuta Town. He rarely stays home, but must do so in order to support himself. He also stores his many panty shots here. One day, he hopes to gain enough money to buy a bigger house for him and Irina.


Nagasawa's Used Wares (A.K.A. Mackemore)

Owned by Momo Nagasawa's grandfather, Nagasawa's Used Wares is an small family business. It's a pawn store that booth Momo's father and grandfather run, while she helps with errands and deliveries. It's connected to their house, being the shop in the front half of the building and the house in the back half, thus being a rather small store (and house).

They buy and sell any kind of used wares: TVs, clothes, cheap jewlelery, creepy dolls, couches, unsetting paintings... anything they get in their hands, as long it's used and doesn't looks too shady. They take request and make deliveries to Buraza Town, so usually Momo delivers the lightest orders on her way to school. The students of Gakko High nicknamed the shop "The Macklemore" due the song "Thrift Shop" of the same singer.

Restaurants and Cafes

Amore Moe Cafe

A maid cafe that is run by a young woman fresh out of college. While she isn't afraid of using seduction to gain money, she will not tolerate any harassment to her employees. The Cafe covers almost every serving fantasy, including imoutos, tsunderes, and cosplay. Several Akademi students, including Lucy Hooti, work here after school. Only females above age 15 are hired.

Public Areas


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