Shiruba Shika
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation 0
Club Light Music
Age 16-17
Persona Coward
Crush  ????
Additional Info She listens to music whenever she reads a book.

This OC is made by TheMoonPortal, please do not use this OC unless you have permission.


Shiruba Shika wears the 5th school uniform, as it is comfortable to her. She has black hair that ends at her waist and has a ponytail to her right and a flower to secure it. She has cobalt blue eyes.


She is very quiet, and reads books in her free time on the rooftop. When a person tries to take a picture of her, she hides her face, not wanting a picture. She tries to keep calm everyday, as she experiences problems in school, and in her house. She is shown to have feelings for a certain student.


  • Thank you Bell Dan for making the portrait!
  • Thanks to my friend for helping me design her.


  • Her original name was "Kakusareta Yami" and was in the Occult Club first, but Moon changed it into "Shiruba Shika" and was put in the Light Music Club later on.


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