Chojo tekina by muroachifungus-d9qh3qw
Heyo, this OC belongs to Vick!! Please ask him for his permission before editing this page/using this OC in any of your works!! However, making fan art is completely fine!! Thank you so much!!

PinkVickiKat2.0 adopted this and will do shit to it sometime.


Shrio has white hair that is very long. She had black eyes and wears the original uniform. She has an white eye patch.



Shrio is a loner and social butterfly. She will be a loner during classes and lunch other than that she will gossip and talk a lot. She mostly talks to Kokona.


Shrio is a mostly quiet girl. She has an eye patch because she got shot in the eye while trying to save her mother when someone attacked. She got eye surgery for an eyepatch. She likes to keep it a secret by looking happy and smiling. She'll always try to be nice.


  • She is the first OC of Mana.
  • She one of the friends on Kokona
  • She is an cat lover.
  • She thinks mistakes red kool aid for blood ALOT.
  • She used to have a crush on Budo but is slowly crushing on strawberry...


" Is that an weapon? Wow you should put that back where you got it.. "

- After noticing an student carrying weapon

" Is that some kind of kool aid? Is it blood... Are you okay? "

- After noticing a student with a bloody uniform

" Is that spilled kool aid..? I-is it a blood puddle..? *Looks up at roof* "

- After noticing a blood puddle

" Woah calm down dude... You look insane! "

- After noticing a student looking visibly insane

" What the heck DUDE! *Grabs weapon while breaking it* I'm calling a teacher! "

- After she noticing a student trying to attack her

" Don't ask! I spilled something on it okay? Gosh.. "

- After asking why she doesn't have the headband on


- After noticing an corpse

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