Shiori Akai is the fourth OC of user JustACommenter

Shiori Akai
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation +50
Club Cat Club
Age 16
Persona Unknown
Crush "What's a crush?" -Shiori
Additional Info None


Shiori has red hair with yellow highlights. She has red eyes and white cat ears with red insides. Her tail is red with a yellow tip. If you haven't noticed, she's a neko.

Her normal attire consists of a red crop-top, a black jacket/hoodie, white shorts and red/orange/yellow boots.


Shiori is a stereotypical girly girl, with a normal bubbly attitude. She is nice and friendly unless angered. When she is angered, she acts as if she's not afraid to rip your head off.



Shiori considers her her best friend. She acts as a follower to her.

Hana Kaben

Shiori also considers her as her best friend. When not annoying Lukas to death, she is over visiting with Hana.

Kiti Tsume

One of her neko friends. (She has A LOT.)

Bara Toshi

Knows her, and is somewhat suspicious of her.

Lukas Akai

When Lukas's family moved to Japan from America, his family took in Shiori. She is extremely over-protective of him. He is also constantly called 'Lukie' by her.

*leave more relationship suggestions if you want her to know your OCs*


  • Shiori Akai means White & Red
  • Shiori is based on my (OLD) Minecraft skin