Shion Kazuki

Kanji 一樹シオン

Kazuki Shion



Biological Gender

[1] Female


[2] She




162 cm


October 2nd

Astrological Sign

[3] Libra




[4] Homosexual

Personal Status



Kuu Dere






Fights back - weak

Personal Status




Additional Info

Is reluctant to confess her feelings to Kuu, because Shion doesn't want to ruin their friendship.

Has average/low grades in everything that doesn't involve math.


Shion wears the default female school uniform, unless customized by the player.

Shion has originally dark brown hair, but she bleached it. Her hair has a chanel-like haircut, with long straight bangs covering partially her dark blue eyes. 


According to Info-chan, Shion is Unperdictable. Nobody ever knows how and if she will react to some events. Shion does not have a pattern of behavior; in she witnesses a murder, it is impossible to predict if she will fight Yandere-chan, praise her for committing murder, be afraid and tremble like a chicken, run away from the school and call the police, run toward a place full of people, or just ignore it. Shion will act in that confusing way at many other events, e.g. interacting with Yandere-chan, having her face photographed, seeing Yandrre-chan insane and/or bloody, etc...

In constrast with her Unpredictable persona, Shion also does not have a fix routine besides going to class, so while it is not classtime, she may be seen doing many random things, e.g. running through the corridor while entering and leaving many rooms, napping in one of the outdoor's benches, constantly buying soda from the beverage machine and consequently flooding her surroundings with soda cans, running untiringly through the running track, stalking Kuu, or searching inside the garbage container for things that might be useful.


Shion's task is to find her three didatic books: math, physics and chemistry. The math book is located insde the boy's toilet on the 2nd floor, the physics book is located behind the school, near the delinquents, and the chemistry book is located inside the greenhouse.


Kuu Dere

According to Info-chan, Shion has a huge crush on Kuu. However, she is reluctant to confess her feelings, so their friendship is not ruined.

Oka Ruto

They're good friends.

Shin Higaku

They're good friends.


  • It is highly implyed that Shion is completely obsessed with numbers and every subject that includes numbers and math.
  • The surname "Kazuki" is a reference for "Souno Kazuki", an artist.


I could swear I arranged my didatic books all inside my backpack, and during break time, I sat on the fountain's seat and started to study, like I always do when I need to. Eventually, I got to use the bathroom, and when I came back, I couldn't find neither my math, physics and chemistry books... I can't find them anywhere so far! I'm pretty sure Yui is the responsible for this... She has done something like that to me before. I was wondering if you could help me...
— Shion asking Yandere-chan to find her lost books.
Ohh, good luck with it, then.
— After accepting Shion's request.
Why the hell did you even ask me if I needed something?
— Shion after denying a task.
Ah, you found my babies! Thank you, Yan-chan, I owe you this one.
— Shion after Yandere-chan returns her three books.

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