Shin Higaku is a student that attends Akademi High.


Normally, he's quite a nice guy, even if shy and introverted. However, if you do him wrong, he will make sure you suffer, and he will make you suffer so much that you want to die.


His persona is different from the one on the personas page, and may be renamed to prevent confusion with that persona.

Upon witnessing a murder, he is shocked for as long as a hero, and then depending on whether there are any usable weapons near them, one of two results will play out:

A) If there are no weapons, he glares directly at the murderer, and says, "You will regret this. Mark. My. Words." He will then resume their normal routine. If the murderer does not kill him before he gains access to a weapon, B plays out.

B) If there are weapons or he gains access to a weapon, he will grab the weapon and immediately try to kill the murderer with it, resulting in a struggle like the heroic struggle, but more difficult in some way (undecided).


Oka Ruto

He has a huge crush on her.


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