Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation Unknown
Club Gaming
Age Unknown
Persona Unknown
Crush Minato Kirisaki
Additional Info None
Shimanasa is an OC created by RumorChan.She has been given to Igor the Mii so now he owns her. Only use her with the permission of the owner. If Rumor decides to take her back then she will belong to her once again.


Shimanasa has blue hair tied into a bun on the back of her head. She also wears a green extension. WIP


Shimanasa is a mixture of heroic and social butterfly when it comes to murder. If she hides and you start killing everyone where she has hidden she'll protect the remaining students and attempt to pin you down.


"Calm down!"..seeing someone insane.

"HELP!"..seeing someone get murdered.

"I'm just gonna...leave now"..seeing someone with a weapon

"Real smooth,perv" seeing someone take panty shots.

"Ok......"..seeing someone take a panty shot of her own panties.


Personal Information

Backstory: She lead a normal life,but when she had to move and leave her BFF Kimaza behind she was very fragile. Then she started to make friends with Midori and soon she felt better. She still looks back at her friendship with Kimaza. WIP

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