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Shima Shita
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation +47
Club Martial Arts
Age 16
Persona Heroic
Crush Budo Masuta
Strength Weak
Emoticon ^_^
Additional Info Has a carefree, easygoing attitude and is extremely optimistic.
Shima Shita is a female student that attends Akademi High School.


She is a free spirit, easygoing and relaxed, with a strong devil-may-care attitude. No matter the situation, she can always find the bright side. Her spirit is very difficult to dampen, and she always finds a way to smile. She almost overlooks anything bad that could happen.


Budo Masuta: She harbors a deep crush on him, and the quickest way to cause her to completely abandon her carefree attitude is to do anything to hurt him.

Mina Rai: The two don't get along very well at all due to their crush on the same person.

Juku Ren: She is good friends with him, but is completely oblivious to his feelings for her.

Sho Kunin: The two get along quite well.


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