Shika Fuschida is Underbrother's first (and currently only) fanon OC.

Shika Fuschida
Student Info
Career Unemployed
Reputation +1
Club Cosplay
Age Teenager
Persona Unknown
Crush Nobody's Good Enough!!
Additional Info She is an introvert, despite being very creative; her hobbies (cosplay) give her confidence.


Shika Fuschida wears the default uniform of Akademi High School, but with pink stockings instead of white socks or black tights. She wears her hair short and brown, clipped at the back, and with two twin bangs dyed pastel pink, she wears her fringe combed to the left and has a red hairclip above her right ear holding one of her bangs back. Shika wears prescription contact lenses, but they're not coloured lenses; Fuchsia is her natural eye colour.


Shika does not approach people, and tends to go days without talking to other students in her school, unless required to (ie, for a school project, or if she needs to borrow someone, like an eraser or hairtie.) She tends to only wind up in conversations when it's been initiated by the other person, and even then, she's rather dismissive towards others, being quite aloof unless the other persists. She's a real Himedere and believes she is above everyone else, and that they're not worth her time. Due to this, she is a Loner, (despite not being very lonely or socially deprived,) and does not belong to a clique or have any points either way on her reputation within Akademi Highschool.

She is a big enthusiast of Lolita fashion, and while not making her interests known at school, (uniforms and whatnot,) she actually is very dedicated to her hobby, every year for a while, she's asked for Lolita accesories and outfits for her Birthday and for Christmas. Similar to her interests in Lolita, she also is interested in Cosplay, she (somehow) managed to join the school club for it. 

She owns several Lolita fashion accessories and a few clothing items, all of which she pays for herself using money she has saved up from previous gifts from Birthdays and holidays, as the clothing can be quite expensive, and she does not want to put a strain on her family, as they are only middle-class, and cannot afford such luxuries lightly.

She likes to think she's very high-up on the social ladder despite not talking to many people regularly in real life, instead preferring the company of strangers on the internet who compliment her and generally treat her like the pincess she thinks she is.


She's very aloof, and thinks she's better than the other students at Akademi Highschool, she'd never say it out loud, but she really does believe it.

She can also be quite catty on the internet, spreading rumours or gossiping/trashing others using things she's eavesdropped on when sitting near gossipers, (always anonymously, she doesn't want to ruin her own reputation by being caught red-handed spreading gossip!)

By all means, despite being a Loner with no actual real-life friends, she most certainly isn't lonely, she's got a very busy online social life, and is a real social media Queen.



A Full-Body ref (Art by me, Underbrother)

Shika Fuschida was born and raised in Buraza Town by her biological mother and father. She is an only child and attends Akademi High School.

She grew up pretty normally, her family was (and still is) a typical middle-class family. But when she began to get invested in internet culture, she shut herself off from real life. Her parents were worried, but they stopped caring after a while, thinking it's just a trend that happens to a lot of teenage girls.

Shika posts photos of herself, her lolita ensembles, and her cosplay to social media, she's online friends with many strangers who's she's never met in real life before, and has no idea who they are. She does it because they feed into her ego, and reassure her of her wants to be treated like royalty.


  • 7:50 AM: She arrives at the school.
  • 8:00 AM: Shika goes to class. Sometimes she will be late if she has arrived to school later than typical, in which case she'll be scolded by the teacher before being allowed to take her seat and go on with lessons.
  • 8:31 AM - 1:00 PM: Shika is in class.
  • 1:01 PM - 1:10 PM: Eats lunch in the Plaza, and eavesdrops on any gossipers.
  • 1:30 PM: She begins walking back to class.
  • 1:31 PM - 3:30 PM: Is in her classroom.
  • 3:31 PM: If club activities not in session/club is disbanded: Walks to her locker and leaves school at 3:40-4:00PM
  • 3:31 PM: If club is in session/not disbanded:  She performs club activities from 3:30PM to 5:30PM, leaving at around 5:40-6:00PM


  • She would've joined Sewing too, but two clubs would've been too much for her to handle. (That, and she'd rather buy pre-made outfits than learn how to make them herself, despite her interests in fashion and costumes, most of her cosplay items are bought, not made from scratch.)
  • Despite her family not being very rich, she doesn't have a job, and relies on her parents to buy her everything and anything she wants. She's quite spoiled, but she doesn't act out infront of her peers, and makes sure to get average, if not above, marks to ensure she keeps getting what she wants.
  • She can be manipulative at times, knowing what to do to get people to do what she wants, this is complimented by her two-faced nature.
  • She's a Himedere.
  • She wears prescription contact lenses, without them, her eyesight is very awful. (She is nearsighted, she used to sit by the front of the class before she got her eyes checked, now that she has her contacts, she lingers near the back of the class so she can fiddle with her phone when the teacher isn't looking.)
  • She is in class 1-2.

Shika is still a little bit of a WIP, any critics are welcome! <3

- Underbrother (OP)

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