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Oie transparent (36) This OC is owned by An Anime Schoolgirl. Please ask Kamiko if you want to use the OC. Or else she'll go hunt you down.. Oie transparent (37)

Shika's Theme:

Shika Ainara is Kamiko's first Yandere Simulator OC

New Shika Hiuto
Shika Ainara





Female Female


She She





Blood Type





15px Bicurious

Personal Status


Educated in

Akademi High







Personal Status



Nikkou Ainara(Father) Asami Ainara(Mother), Unnamed Uncle

Additional Info
She is considered creepy towards most students because she stalks almost every student. The reason is because she wants to learn how to properly socialize, however she is too awkward to actually try to talk to others.


Shika has black hair in a side ponytail on the right side which is being held up by a black ribbon. Her bangs are covering her left eye(however her left eye is normal) Shika has purple eyes. She wears a black choker with a crescent on it. Shika wears the default uniform unless customized.


Shika considered creepy towards many students that have seen her stalking. Similar to Oka Ruto she stalks students. The reason is not because she believes they're paranormal beings, however she is socially awkward and she doesn't really know how to talk to people without being awkward, so she stalks others to learn how to socialize. If you talk to Shika, she will stutter, mumble, and mix up words in her speech. Shika is very pessimistic too as she has low self-esteem in herself. If Shika ends up falling for someone she'll be yandere-ish, she will stalk her rivals and try to act like them when she's talking to her crush. However, she will not kill anyone for her love.


Shika will arrive at school grounds during 7:06 AM, then she walks to her locker until 7:15 AM. During 7:15 AM she will walk to the occult club and will pretend to read a book so no one will know she is looking at Daku while he's reading.

During 8:00 AM she will go to class 3-2 and stay there until 1:00 PM. Shika will, again, go to the Occult Club and pretend to read a book while looking at Daku until 1:30 PM and she will return to her classroom and stay there until 3:30.

She will then walk to the Occult Club and read a book until it's time to attempt to summon a demon. After 5:30 PM Shika will go to her locker and she will pack up and head home.

If the Occult club disbands, Shika will sit on the bench and just sit there.


Occult Club- She's too shy to communicate with the club members.


Shika has one task.

Missing "Guide to Summoning Demons" Book

I....... lost.... my..... "Guide to Sum..Summoning......De..mons" b-book...
— Asking to do a task for Shika
— If you accept the task
— If you decline the task
— When you talk to her about the task and you have the book with you


  • Her last name used to be Hiuto
  • Shika Ainara's original last name is based off of Kamiko's shipping name for Shin Higaku and Oka Ruto.
  • If Shika wasn't in the Occult Club, Shika would be in the Art Club.
  • Kamiko made a ROBLOX account for Shika Hiuto:
  • Shika used to be more cheerful and outgoing and she used to have the evil persona.
  • Shika's family are full of uncaring alchoholics which is why they didn't do anything about her cutting herself.
  • Shika's family also yell at her alot for little things she does so she normally stays in her room in her freetime.


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