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Shika Ainara is a Yandere Simulator OC made by Kamiko.

Shika's Theme:


Shika has a fair skin complexion with light green eyes and an average build. Her bust size in-game is 1.4(C cup). She has medium-length black hair with parted bangs that fade into a dark indigo. Parts of Shika's hair are held in a right-side ponytail where a huge black bow secures it. Shika wears a skull hair-clip in her hair and a black scarf with white zig-zags on her neck. She also wears dark indigo stockings with a white bow on the top and wears the default uniform, unless customized by the player. When she was still a member of the Occult club, she wore a choker with a crescent on it and wore purple contacts lenses.


Shika considered creepy towards many students that have seen her stalking. Similar to Oka Ruto she stalks students. The reason is not because she believes they're paranormal beings, however she is socially awkward and she doesn't really know how to talk to people without getting overly anxious, so she stalks others to learn how to socialize. If you talk to Shika, she will stutter, mumble, and mix up words in her speech. If Shika ends up falling for someone she'll be yandere-ish, she will stalk her rivals and her crush. She will try to act like her rivals, when she's talking to her crush. However, she will not kill anyone for her love. She known to also be into cute but creepy things, which is why she joined the Occult club, but she also left the club due to being too scary. If someone gets to know Shika a bit more, they'll find out that she's a bit clingy and tends to have very low self-esteem.


She has no friends yet... :(

Musume and her friends- Shika is scared of them. It's possible that Shika might be one of their "victims" of bullying.

Bunmi Wakiya- Shika went to school with her last year. Shika dislikes her because she finds her annoying.


  • Her last name used to be Hiuto
  • Shika Ainara's original last name is based on Kamiko's shipping name for Shin Higaku and Oka Ruto.
  • Shika used to be more cheerful and outgoing and she used to have the evil persona.
  • Shika started out being a 1st year, then she was a 3rd year, now she's back to being a 1st year student.


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