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Shika Ainara is a Yandere Simulator OC made by Kamiko.

Shika's Theme:


Shika has black hair in a side ponytail on the right side which is being held up by a black ribbon. Her bangs are covering her left eye(however her left eye is normal) Shika has purple eyes. She wears a black choker with a crescent on it, as she was a former member of the occult club. Shika wears the default uniform unless customized.


Shika considered creepy towards many students that have seen her stalking. Similar to Oka Ruto she stalks students. The reason is not because she believes they're paranormal beings, however she is socially awkward and she doesn't really know how to talk to people without being awkward, so she stalks others to learn how to socialize. If you talk to Shika, she will stutter, mumble, and mix up words in her speech. Shika is very pessimistic too as she has low self-esteem in herself. If Shika ends up falling for someone she'll be yandere-ish, she will stalk her rivals and her crush. She will try to act like her rivals, when she's talking to her crush. However, she will not kill anyone for her love.


(I am planning on retyping this)


Chiyo Casella- Shika is afraid of her because Chiyo can get violent and easily angered.

Brittney Witherfield- Shika doesn't seem to like her very much because Brittney accidentally offended her when making a joke.

Lilian Bello- Shika tends to avoid her because Lilian tries to get Shika to be more open.

She has no friends.. :( (yet)


  • Her last name used to be Hiuto
  • Shika Ainara's original last name is based off of Kamiko's shipping name for Shin Higaku and Oka Ruto.
  • Shika used to be more cheerful and outgoing and she used to have the evil persona.


Veeery old gallery

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