Shig Tsukino
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation +10
Club Literature
Age 16
Persona Unknown
Crush TBA (please comment if you have ideas)
Additional Info None
Shig Tsukino is an OC in the Yandere Simulator Universe.


Tsukino has navy blue hair cut short and hardly taken care of. Her bangs are more parted, and they reach just past her eyebrows. Speaking of her eyebrows are rather thin. and the eyes are hooded and a light blue. Her nose is long and thin, and her mouth is also long and thin. Under her left eye she has two moles that look somewhat like a "mini-vampire bite" to a lot of people.

Height wise, Tsukino stands at 180 cm (5'9) and weighs about 65 kg (145 lbs), an average weight for someone her height. Her skin is rather pale due to the fact she hardly goes outdoors, but she does shave since that is one of the few things she is self-conscious about. Her bust is about at a B-cup, her waist has hardly gap in them.

Tsukino's dressing style usually contains ties, button up shirts, skirts, and boots in pastel colours. She does not fancy jewelry, except for the occasional headband and buttons she likes to put on her ties. For school Tsukino wears Uniform 2, and long stockings.


Tsukino is very stotic and quiet to anyone she meets, including children and adults. She finds it very hard to care about major things, but strangely deep down inside small things get to her most. It is unknown even to her why this, but it may be a personality that just tends to show on both sides of her family.






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