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Shappu Katu
General Information
Race Human
Sex Male
Pronouns He/Him
Age 16
Sexuality Knife
Scholar Information
Persona Heroic
Club Cooking Club
Friends Knives, Midori Gurin
Status Alive

Shappu is a student in Yandere Simulator.


Shappu wears the default school uniform, unless customized. Reguardless of customization, his outfit will always be slightly torn. Shappu has silver hair and black eyes. He has several red hair-clips and a red bandaid on his right cheek.

When not in school, Shappu wears a light blue tank top and shorts that reveal his finely toned abs.


Shappu is a cheerful students, maybe a little too cheerful. He is always comfortable given a weapon, and rarely seen not smiling.

He has an extremely positive attitude. It is unknown if he has ever hurt someone.


Shappu arrives to school at 7:30 AM. He will fool around in the occult room with the ritual knife before leaving when the occult members arrive. During lunchtime, Shappu will play with his knives on the rooftop with Midori Gurin. After school. He will go to the cooking club afternoon and spends the rest of his time chopping up food.


In order to become Shappu's friend, the player must play the knife game with him.



Shappu likes them. Enough said. If Shappu sees a bloody knife, he will wipe off the blood and put it in his pocket.


Due to him always near knives, students are usually on edge and don't trust him as easily.


If the player is his friend, he will happily loan his knives to them. He will not if the player looses the knives or breaks them. Strategy wise it is good to become friends with him.

Midori Gurin

Since Midori shares an interest of knives, Shappu will spend his lunchtime with her. If he ever witnesses Midori's corpse, he will stare at the body before cutting a lock of her hair off as memorance.


  • Shappu is Third-Impact-is-Coming's fourth OC.
  • His name when translated means, "Sharp Cut".
  • Shappu was made from an idea between TIIC and his friend, as a student whose limbs were made out of knives. He was eventually created as a student whose limbs were not made out of knives, rather him being obsessed with knives.

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