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Art by Po-Zu

Hi, Shai Tero is Owned by Bell´Dan please ask before you using it. Grammar/Spelling Fixing is OK

Shai Tero is a fanon student in Yandere Simulator.


Shai has Dark Green Drills. Her Mask write the wrote 'Terror'. Her Brust Size 1.2


If she is in her Gang she will act Like a Delinquent

if She is Outside her Gang she will act in Her Kind Persona


7:00-8:00 Go to her locker change her shoes and go to the her Gang

8:00-1:00 At Classroom 2-1

1:00-1:30 Goes to the Lunch area and eat her lunch

1:30-3:30 At Classroom 2-1

3:30-6:00 Goes to the Gang





My OCs
Other OCs

Tsuyoko Tenken

Tsuyoko and Shai are both members of the delinquent gang. Tsuyoko may be brash, but she knows that Shai is soft hearted when not around the group. If Shai is being bothered by anyone, Tsuyoko will stand by her side with her usual intimidating demeanor.

You can add your OC if you want



  • She is Bell_Dann First Delinquent
  • She is the first persone with a Double Persona

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