Sniper with the Trophy Belt TF2 Woah there, sonny boy! This here OC was created by this mercenary. If'n ya' wanna' use this here OC for whatever purpose you so have, then ya'll best be leavin' a message right here. And if ya' don't do that, well then... you better hope my Sentry Gun isn't pointin' at you, boy.

Shad Sakuma
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation Unknown
Club Gaming
Age 17
Persona Silly, Serious, Friendly
Crush Katsumi Nabatame
Additional Info None
Shad Sakuma is a male teenager who is based on Shadowgallade7777. He is often crazy, but a loving, caring and funny guy. He is currently in a relationship with Katsumi Nabatame.

Currently, he is in the process of making a sort of night bowman outfit, consisting of a Grim Reaper like hoodie (covering everything except his eyes), a long, magestic duster cape and special gloves and pants. He aims to call this outfit "The Shdow Vigilante". Finding a perfect bow that is foldable has been proven tough, but he finally got one.

He loves Katsumi very much and will always strive to be there for her.

He also believes that no matter what, everyone can be accepted in some way, no matter their gender, sexuality and species. This is why he is fond of monster girls and is always eager to be friends with them.

Despite this, he has a phobia of large spiders, small ones he can deal with. Due tot his, he is afraid and sometimes, even shy of Spider Girls. He tries his best to be brave and befriend them everytime, but it doesn't work. One day, Shad. One day...


  • Katsumi Nabatame - Shad's girlfriend. Loves her very much, and will always be there for her.
  • Sateriasis Venom - Shad gets anxious when around Sati. He will tend to hide if he's in the immediate vicinity. His personal opinion on Sati is "He's so lewd, that it's quite scary. Sometimes, i feel kinda weak when near him."
  • Stevie Mills - He's good friends with this guy, and enjoys hos company often. Even if he has a load fo allergies, he still thinks he's pretty cool.
  • Kyou Okazami - He doens't know this shy girl too much, but he often finds she's nearby her. He thinks it's a coinicidence, but maybe it isn't...

Kisekae Codes for outfits

Normal Outfit:


School Outfit:



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