Sena Hsio is an OC created by an little ant.


She has the same hairstyle as Pippi Osu, but much more messy. Her front of her hair is purple, and so are the eyes.


Canon :

Sena Hsio is an Coward and she will hide her face, when a camera is pointed at her. When She Witnesses murder, she will beg Yandere-chan to not kill her.

Fanon :

When a camera is pointed at her, she will let them take a picture of her. When She witnesses murder, she will go to a teacher, inform her, and hide under her desk .


Canon :

Senpai - Friends Since Sena came to school .

Rainbow 6 (Girls) -

Rainbow 6 (Boys) -

Yandere-Chan -

Fanon :

Feel Free to add any of your OCs .3.




  • Her portrait is made by : Pischatiolord
  • This OC is a WIP so no hates plz .3.

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