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Seishin Nenriki
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation -21
Club Sports
Age 16
Persona Heroic
Crush Unknown
Additional Info Rumored to be capable of using psychic powers... but only a fool would believe something like that.
Seishin Nenriki is an OC created by NumberOnett.


Seishin is known for his extreme skill at sports, and some people started a rumor that he had psychic abilities and was using them to cheat.


Due to constantly getting shot down by those who believe the rumors about him, he tries to overcompensate by forcing himself to act overly kind and caring. He tries to act cheerful, almost to an annoying level, and comes across as socially awkward without meaning to.


His relationships haven't been fully decided yet, but he definitely does not get along well with any of the Occult Club's members.


  • His name was originally Seishin Tekina, coming from the Google Translated Japanese word for "psychic". His last name was later changed to "Nenriki", which means "psychic powers", due to him having the same last name as Chojo Tekina.
    • NumberOnett was considering changing his name to "Nen Riki", but had grown too attached to "Seishin" to do so.


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