This is ChronoStory's first OC.


Seira has black hair put up in two ponytails and gray eyes. Two chunks of hair from the ponytails are put in braids.

She also has freckles and a black hairband.

She wears school uniform #5 unless customized.


Seira is a collected person, and appears to be polite to other students.

She is very short-tempered however and will lose her composure if she is annoyed or if anything goes wrong that affects her.


  • In her freetime, she loves to sew dolls.
    • Her inspiration for the doll's appearances is Tim Burton.
  • Her freckles are actually painted on. The reason for this is an attempt to achieve a doll-like complexion.
  • She does her best to avoid the sunlight to keep her skin as pale as possible. If it is necessary for her to go outside, she brings a parasol with her.


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