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Sei is usually mysterious and calm, but she does have outbursts when sleepy. She loves being with her master and she is very odd, she enjoys reading but she is allergic to wet ink. She cannot stand blood slimes (Because they hurt people all the time). And she is sorta justice minded...but not that justice minded if she was she wouldn't be able to stand her master. She very perverted, she cares about ren and is usually alone sleeping , oh also she is curious about humans and ect. (She is even curious when human in the cannon rp's)


She appeared on the streets one day without a name or parents she followed a man she saw this man was Ren, Ren slept with a lot of girls. Sei felt something, it was envy,she was envious of the girls he slept with so one day she came up to him and tentacle raped him. (He liked it though) afterwards he decided to adopt her as a pet. she now lives in his pants.






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