Sayuri Saruwatari (OC)
Sayuri Saruwatari
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation 0
Club Art
Age 17
Persona Social Butterfly
Crush None
Additional Info No Additional Information Available At This Time.


Sayuri has black hair worn in a ponytail simiar to Mei Mio's hairstyle. She has brown eyes just like Mina Rai. She has a bust size of 1. Sayuri wears long purple stockings with purple glasses.


Among the personas currently implemented in the game, she is a Social Butterfly. She will happily pose for a picture if the player has their camera out. If she sees a corpse or witnesses a murder, she will run to the nearest crowd and call the police. She cannot participate in physical fights against murderers.


  • Sayuri is in class 2-2, the same class as Mei Mio, Ryusei Koki, Inkyu Basu, Sho Kunin and Supana Churu.
  • Her teacher is Shiori Risa.
  • Her favourite colour is purple.
  • Her closest friend is Emi Ishimaru (One of my other OCs).

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