Sayuri Kanemoto
Student Info
Career None
Reputation +11
Club Gardening
Age 18
Persona Clingy/Damsel
Crush Senpai
Additional Info Leader of the Gardening Club. Very meek and timid, she enjoys making little bouquets for Senpai.


Sayuri Kanemoto is a third-year student at Akademi High School, and an original fanon character for Yandere Simulator, created by Cat The Destroyer. She is the leader of the Gardening Club, and a fanon rival for Yandere-chan. WARNING. THIS PAGE IS UNDER HEAVY CONSTRUCTION.


Sayuri has long, waist-length brown hair with V-shaped bangs, styled in a straight fashion. Her eyes are brown, but she has a large, dark birthmark over her right eye, as well as astigmatism in that eye, so she wears a patch over it. She wears the default uniform unless customized by the player, with light white stockings and black Mary Janes. Her bust size is 1.5.


Soft-spoken and shy, Sayuri is a sweet young woman who's barely spoken a lewd word in her life time. Sure, her voice is generally very soft, but she speaks with a certain cheer that draws people into her. Being the head of the Gardening Club, she has a passion for creating floral displays for the school and prettying up the campus in a simplistic style. She's scared of plenty of things, including blood, since she passes out when she sees it. Despite her fears, she stays positive in the face of conflict and tries to make friends...most of the time. She's very pure, and does not believe that lewdness will get you anywhere.

Her persona is Clingy or Damsel, meaning that she'll immediately tell Senpai if she witnesses murder. If she was not a rival, her personality would most likely be Fragile/Coward because of her shy personality and intense fear of blood.


Childhood (up to age 9)

Sayuri was raised as a kind, polite child, but tended to stray from most general social contact for fear of being involved in fights or drama. Her kindness showed from the shadows, as she usually hid gifts or notes in people's lockers to show her appreciation, even if the gifts were more unorthodox

Awkward Puberty Years (age 9 to age 14)

W I P !!

High School (age 14 to present, age 18)

W I P !!



Senpai is Sayuri's crush, who she makes little bouquets for during her week.


7:00: Walks to school by herself.

7:15: Goes inside, grabbing things from her locker.

7:30: Explores fountain room and reads on the bench.

7:45: Walks to class 3-1.

1:00: Goes to eat lunch at the roof/fountain (Thursday), admiring the trees. Perfect time to poison her.

1:30: Goes downstairs, to class.

3:30: Goes to Gardening Club.

5:00-6:00: Gardening Club activities.

6:00: Goes home.

Possible Execution Methods

  1. Simple Stabbing. The title says it all.
  2. Poison. When she eats her lunch at the fountain on Thursday, she will admire the trees for a couple minutes, giving you time to poison her without a witness.
  3. Matchmaking. A painless, pacifist way to rid yourself of Sayuri. You can set her up with a suitor.
  4. Gossiping. She has a dark secret that can deeply lower her reputation, even though it's only half right. She was found in the girl's locker room stalking one of her classmates, only because she wanted to locate her missing uniform.


  • Sayuri was my first rival OC, and was originally intended as a member of the Gardening Club, instead of the leader.
  • She originally was going to wear her eyepatch simply for looks.
  • She can be considered a mixture between an ane and a dandere, due to her shyness and caring, older-sister attitude.
  • She has plenty of elimination methods. If matchmade, she will have a crush on Ryusei Koki .


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