MetalProfilePic This OC is owned by the wiki user MetalBreakerZ. Ask him for permission if you want to use the OC for your fanworks (Eg.Fanfictions).
Sayaka Sama
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation -70
Club Occult Club
Age 18
Persona Unknown
Crush Jen Kurokkā (As a role model)
Additional Info None

Sayaka Sama is Rena-Shi's 3rd OC. On the 8th February of 2016, MetalBreakerZ adopted it.


Her hair is long and feathery, with one large strand above her mouth.

She wears a bandage on her left eye.




  • Occult club: She thinks of them as acquaintances.
  • Yandere-Chan: She stalks her sometimes so she can steal the bodies of her victims.
  • Stray Pets around the school: She kills them and tries using their bodies to bring back the dead.


  • She tortures animals and then kills them to bring back the dead.
  • She is one of the main reasons the school has alot of demons/succubi/vampire/etc is running around.
  • She hates everyone out of the occult club.
  • She isn't into romantic or sexual stuff.
  • She lives for the occult.
  • She hates her parents.
  • She only pretends to like her parents so she can get things.
  • If she could, she would sacrifice her parents.
  • She tries to summon powerful demons and succubi/vampires at school so she can watch them wreck the school.



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