Satchiko is a fanon rival, who will try to earn Senpai's love within the 3rd week.

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Satchiko Konoe





Female Female


She She






98 lbs


October 5th

Blood Type



Social Butterfly, Devoted


Pansexual Pansexual

Personal Status


Educated in

Akademi High





Additional Info
Voice: Enoshima Junko From Dangan Ronpa (Ref:

Body type: Triangle Piercings/tattoos: Ears pierced, wears small blue earrings Any medications/treatments: Melatonin


Personality Traits: Caring, Bubbly, Sweet, Ditzy, Unaware, Devoted, A bit of a lolita, Deredere

Likes: Cake, Walking, Nature, Dressing up, Senpai

Dislikes: Yandere-Chan, Gore, Loudness

Fears: Yandere-Chan, Death, The Dark

Special/Significant Belongings: The mask she wears


Year: 1

Class: 1-2
Seated: 2nd Row, 1st Column. 

Club: Art Club

Former Club(s): If Yandere-chan joins the art club, Satchi will immediately leave and her reputation will decrease by 10. She then will join light music club. If Yandere-chan keeps doing this, Satchi will yell; “Stop following me, you STALKER!” Her reputation will then drop once more by 10 points, but Yandere-chan’s will then drop by 30, and Yandere-chan will have to befriend her quick, or else Yandere-chan will be reported to the guidance counselor and expelled almost 10 minutes after the incident 

Persona: Social Butterfly, Devoted 


Relationship with Ayano Aishi? (Yandere-chan): Very…Creeped out, by her. She really doesn't like her, as she sees her stalking Senpai at lunch and questions her sanity.

Relationship Status: Crushing on Senpai

Family: Lives with her brother.

Crush: Senpai

Best Friend(s): Kokona, Mai,

Friends: Saki, Midori, Basu sisters, Budo

Acquaintances: Kuu Dere, most girls in the circle, most guys

Enemies: Yandere-Chan

Witnessing Murder

Although a social butterfly, she is also devoted. She will find Senpai and stand about a foot away from him to make sure he doesn't get hurt, then call the police. This makes it very hard to kill her if you're trying to go on a killing spree. When returning to school the next day, (presuming you got away with murder), she will follow you very closely and draw pictures of you, take pictures of you, and write about you. She then will come up to you at the end of the day and say, “You’re a monster! You wont get away with what you did.” She needs to be killed by Yandere-Chan in a matter of 2 minutes, or else she will report Yandere-Chan, who will get arrested.

Discovering A Corpse(s): Satchi will gasp and call the cops while on the scene. While the police are coming, she will try to find the murderer/Yandere-Chan. If she finds her, she will pin her down and wait for someone to come. If she can't find her, she will exclaim “It’s not safe here!” and run out of school.

Discovering Blood: Satchi won't mind a bit of blood, presuming someone just got hurt.

Witnessing Yandere-chan Visibly Insane: “You’re acting a bit weird…I-I’m gonna go!” She will either run to a group of friends or Senpai, depending on who is closer.

Witnessing Yandere-chan Holding A Weapon (Bloody and Not): Not: “That looks awfully sharp. You know what, give it to me. I’ll give it to the teacher.” Bloody: “W-What did you do with that thing?!? Get away from me!” Will then run to her friends or Senpai.

Witnessing Yandere-chan taking panty-shots: “Like what you see down there? Hah! Shall I pose for you?” *Kicks to the floor and pins with foot*” But seriously, stop you perv.” *Lets go of*


[7:02] Arrives at school grounds

[7:05] Goes to her locker

[7:15] Arrives at the plaza and gossips with the circle of girls

[7:45] Talks to Mai for a little while

[8:00] Goes to class 1-2 and takes her seat

[8:30] Class starts

[1:00] Leaves class to go talk with Mai for a bit.

[1:10] Arrives at the Plaza. Sits down next to Senpai and talks to him while eating lunch. The only way Yandere-Chan can stop this is by spilling water/blood/gasoline on her.

[1:30] Goes back to class.

[3:30] Classes end. Goes to art club.

[5:00] Club finishes. Satchi likes to stay in art club for a little while to clean up and do her homework.

[5:45] Goes to her locker and packs up.

[5:50] Leaves school.

[6:00] Arrives home.


Satchi was a relatively normal girl who lived in a decently well off family. She loved life and thought she had a very good one, until she found out her dad was a drug dealer. Her mother was horrified by this, and took Satchi and her brother with her to live in a small apartment with her. However, things didn't go so well, and her mom ended up struggling for money. They ended up having to move to a very polluted area in which her mother bought herself a mask in which she wore everyday until the day she died. Satchi hated her current state, but tried to find joy in the simplest things, such as drawing. Satchi became quite good at art, and started to sell her art on the streets to help pay the bills. Things were looking up for Satchi, and she thought her life was turning around. However, Satchi and her brother were in shock when their mother died. Since they were very poor, her mother didn't have a ring or a necklace to pass down to her, so instead, Satchi wore her mask to remember her. Satchi and her brother, who was 20 now, moved in with their father’s current girlfriend, who wasn't the best, nor the worst. During this time period, Satchi worked very hard selling artwork and working under the table, until her and her brother finally earned enough money for a small apartment. Satchi was overjoyed, and although money was still tight, she was still very happy. It was summer at this point, and Satchi, being 14, was thinking about going back to school. When school started, Satchi was very disappointed to find that there was not even an art club. However, she still needed to go to school to get her education, and was quite sad and discouraged. She kept on selling her artwork, and was one day noticed by the headmaster of Akademi High, who invited her to go to school free of charge, since her art skills were quite good. Satchi and her brother were overjoyed! They moved into an apartment quite bigger than the last which was closer to the school, and started attending at year 2, in which she noticed a boy named Senpai. She swooned over the boy, and started talking to him. She is the 3rd rival in the game, and is quite capable of self defense, however she is sort of a loltia and a derere, and will she will only fight back near Senpai to try and protect him.


Portrait- Bell Dan

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