[[File:{{{image}}}|3 feet shorter than Papierus]]
Sanns Undarpail

The tromBONE playing guy.


15px Skeleton




3 feet shorter than Papierus



Additional Info
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Sanns Undarpail is a OC created during the Yandere Sim Fanon Wikia was under chaos, in favor of helping everyone


Sanns wears a Blue version of the male students' uniform, and his eyes are black with white pupils.


7:00-7:05: Sanns will get his stuff together

7:06-7:30: Sanns will set his stuff down at his class and then texts with Cody-Mikasa.

7:31-7:45: Sanns will then talk to his brother on the rooftop.

7:46-8:30 Sanns will go to his class and wait for his teacher to get here

8:31-12:00 Sanns will be at class learning.

12:01-1:00 Sanns will go to the reading club.



His best friend.


He has a crush on her.

Papierus Undarpail

He is Sanns' brother.


  • His based off the words Sans and Undertale, in fact his personality is very similar to Sans.
  • He is willing to save anyone
  • He was planned to be a fanon rival, however this was ignored later.
  • Sanns' favorite show, Dragon Ball Z Kai, is actually the OC's owner, Flaky The Waifu's, favorite show.
  • He talks in the comic sans font, being the only person to do so.
  • He's only a bit less stronger than Budo/Flaky. He, however only fights you if you kill anybody in the Reading Club and Papierus Undarpail
  • When it rains, Sanns will have his hood on and have boots on, he will change shoes once he enters the school
  • Along with Cody-Mikasa, Sanns will not be paranoid during low School atmosphere unless everyone except him is dead

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